Our mission is clear cut:
Our software will become an asset to your business, not a problem. Too many times software consultants fail to deliver. Or eventually delivery is made with additional fees and conditions. We do our best to provide solutions on time and on budget. We spend one on one time with your staff to learn the challenges of the job, and quickly suggest automated solutions to take the monotony out of simple but repetitive tasks.
Information available anywhere, anytime. Web Applications are an ideal solution for a wide spread user base. Running these software applications in common web browsers requires no installation. When collaborative data input and easy data access is the goal, web apps provide a dynamic solution for team interaction.
MS Windows or Mac OSX
Multi-User Network Enabled Software Applications. When speed and timely accuracy matter, it's still hard to beat the performance of desktop computing on a local area network. Leverage the power of a PC for Data entry, electronic I/O, analysis, email and reporting in multiple file formats.
No longer restricted by cables, mobile platforms such as iOS allow us the freedom to wander, yet still be connected. Ideal for geo data, simple input and instant notification.
Function12 Inc.
Located in Quinte West, Ontario. But available everywhere.